Guppy Pair of RARE Campona Orange Line ‘Poecilia wingei cumana’ aka ‘El Salto’ Orange Line Guppies



These are an incredibly beautiful wild livebearer closely related to the domesticated guppy. I do not know why they are not more popular than they are. Everyone who sees these immediately ask what they are. They are a distinct species closely related to guppies. They can interbreed, be careful. This line was collected in Venezuela in the “Rio Morichal” at El Salto (south of Ciudad Bolivar, 50km east of El Tigre). Right now these fish are classified as a wild guppy but some taxonomist classify them as a new species of micropoecilia. These are characterized with displaying Bright neon orange line along the body from the head through the tail, some but not much black spotting on the body and fins but not on the orange line. The males have a bright red-orange horizontal line body with small almost peacock black marking at the peduncle, base of the tail. They also have a smaller less distinct black spot behind the pectoral fins. The overall red-orange coloration is different than what is seen in standard guppies and most people would describe as pinkish-orange. The females show (wild form typical) only the base color. These Poecilia wingei ‘Campona’, were originally collected by his wild form in 1996 by Karl Mayerhofer and Norbert Svardal. This listing is for a starter colony of 1 young pair with 3 fry of mixed ages and sizes. The Orange-Line Guppy, no matter which taxonomical classification you may agree with, is a beautiful poecilia (member of the guppy genus) which is easily kept. Males get about an inch and females can get almost 2 inches. These young adults are just beginning to drop. I’ll throw in a small sprig of Guppy Grass. Please note, in my experience these are a bit more delicate due to their higher susceptibility to bacterial infections and for this reason I would not recommend them to a beginner aquarist. Regardless, these are beautiful fish all customers who have purchased are very happy with. Visit my ‘Justme’ Page for more info. I’ll gladly combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my collection to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you would like a 72 hour heat pack included (recommended if you want to increase the likelihood of a safe arrival of the fish and that they arrive in the very best condition), they are available for an additional $2.50. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Fish Farm, Brooksville, Florida 34604. * If you live outside the continental US, please contact me for a exact quote and include your postal code, city and whether the shipping address will be a business or residence.

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