Endler Snakeskin Endlers PAIR + 3 FRY



These are a really nice line of Guppies originally developed by famed American Endler Breeder Adrian HD. These young Adult Snakeskin Endlers will breed true and are considered K Class since they have been crossed with Guppies in their linneage. The males are showing fin development and have a metallic sheen already. The photos below are among the fish that you will be purchasing and may be the actual fish you will receive. I can see already that these are a healthy prolific line. You’ll notice they will exhibit several interesting behaviors such as when the males test each other and raise their fins, the males will often chase the females in a group competing for the female as well as swim in a school quite often, something you rarely see with delta tail guppies. They more closely resemble endlers in size and behavior. These will make an awesome addition to an Endler collection. The color in the photos is their actual color.
They have a great amount of naturally occuring bold black and white snakeskin patterns along with some red orange body accents not common to guppies along with a larger strong black marking as an accent. They definitely have a random pattern, very eye catching, incredible for a well lit Nano Aquarium. The photos were taken outdoors, in person, they display a bit more reflective iridescence than is apparent in the pics. They are naturally a very active fish as you will soon notice, a great beginners fish as well as a novelty for advanced aquarist. They hardly eat their fry. I have a pair at young breeder size up for sale at the size of the actual fish shown in the photos for sale below. Visit my ‘Justme’ Page for more info. I’ll gladly combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you would like a 72 hour heat pack included (recommended if you want to increase the likelihood of a safe arrival of the fish and that they arrive in the very best condition), they are available for an additional $2.50. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Fish Farm, Brooksville, Florida 34604. If you live outside the continental US, please contact me for a quote and include your postal code and city.

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1 review for Endler Snakeskin Endlers PAIR + 3 FRY

  1. Mike C.

    I received my snakeskin endlers. They look great. I guess when i bought them
    from you it must have went thru your website. I wanted to give you a good
    rating. Anyways. I like them and will buy some leopard from you in the
    Mike C.
    Wichita Falls, TX

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