Ginga Rubra Guppy

Will the Ginga Rubra Guppies and Japanese Blue Endlers hybridize? Have you hybridized them before? What is the result? What temperature do you keep them at? Any special care instruction for them? Do they like certain food? I’m just feeding them crushed tropical flakes and shrimp pellets mixed together.


The Ginga Rubras will crossbreed with the Japanese Blue Endlers, that will be an interesting cross. I haven’t made that cross, but both lines have strong autosomal traits (non-gender based) and should be a stable and healthy line. I keep them at 82, which I’d consider optimal but they will tolerate 55 – 92 degrees. They do very well on a quality flake food, I add AP larval diet, freeze dried bloodworms, freeze dried Cyclops, live mosquito larvae, daphnia, scuds, occasional newly hatched brine shrimp and algae. They will feed on algae and even thread algae on plants and so I allow it to grow on 3 sides of their tanks for the biological value. I enjoy endlers and endler hybrid guppies because they tend to not always be on the surface behaving more like wild livebearers rather than like delta tail guppies. Please send a photo of the blue/gingas when they color up, they should be beautiful, stay in touch.