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Mitchell Weintraub, Florida, U.S.A.

Ramshorn Snails and Dwarf Indian Puffers as Tankmates

I have 3 Indian dwarf puffers in my tank. I’ve read that these snails are a perfect diet for them. I’m pretty unfamiliar with these snails. But have read that they are considered somewhat of a nuisance due to their fast rate of breeding. I’d just like your opinion on how many I might wind up with starting out with the 6 in your auction? Also, the weather is very cold in northwest Indiana (where I live) and, I’d also like to know if it is a bad idea to have them shipped in such cold weather? I’m hoping for a very good balance between their breeding rate & the rate at which my puffers thin their population. I’d also like them to breed somewhat faster than the puffers eat them to allow them to help remove dead plant debris as I have a very heavily planted tank.

Red Ramshorn Snails Quantity (6) with Free Shipping
Red Ramshorn Snails

Hello, Thank you for the inquiry. I’ve got a pair of Spotted Puffers in a 120 gallon tank with regular Brown Ramshorns and the Ramshorns were in the tank before the Puffers. Before the Puffers arrived the Ramshorns roamed about the tank in the open, once the Puffers were around they hide most of the time and there are not nearly as many. I’ve watched the puffers ‘slurp’ the snails from their shell whenever I toss a few snails in from the wet/dry filter. I think the dwarfs will allow more of the Ramshorns to survive and are a better choice for fancier snails. Ramshorns are extremely prolific and I doubt that every single one would ever be eaten. Ramshorns will survive being shipped even in the winter weather we’ve had this year. They tolerate 55 degree water quite well and as long as we include a 72-hour heat pack they will ship aok.