Endler White Peacock N-Class Endler PAIR (1 Male + 1 Female)



The breeding of the different Hybrid Endler´s Livebearers has become a popular cross with many farmers and breeders. Of these hybrids, many have come about accidentally or unintentional developed by cross-breeding or selective breeding – Other Endlers are obtained from different looking populations that appear in the wild and bred carefully within colonies of wild collected fish. The White Peacock is such a wild type. The ancestors of the fish in the trade have been collected by Armado Pou in 2004 from the Laguna de los Patos North Lake, according to the documentation information available. For sure the fish are now much more uniformly colored than the populations living in the wild, but they still have the pure genetics of the original wild fish. Displaying males become much brighter in coloration, compared with the neutral coloration of the females. They have a distinct black spot on the tail fin surrounded with various white markings, distributed on their body as well. They are a very unusual colorful and active line of Endler, surprisingly a great beginners fish as well as a novelty for advanced aquarist collector. They hardly eat their fry. I have 1 pair at young breeder size up for sale almost the size of the actual fish shown in the photos for sale below. I’ll include a few extras. They will be carefully packed Visit my forum Page for more info. I’ll combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. Thanks, Mitchell


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