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These are Malaysian Trumpet Snail (Melanoides tuberculata) that I’ve bred and raised from parent snails originally purchased years ago on Aquabid. Malaysian Trumpet Snails are livebearing snails, mainly carnavores that never eat plants in aquaria and aerate substrate very well in planted tanks. In my experience with this snail after keeping them for around two years I have noticed a very effective snail. These snails tend to mind light and will only come out when fed. You might find that they hang out above the substrate in the middle of your light cycle and you might find them not. They spend their time above and below the substrate. They will aerate your substrate which is a terrific benefit. They will not disturb your aquatic vegetation. They will sound an alarm of sorts by crawling up the glass whenever your water chemistry start to go out of bounds with ammonia spikes etc. Warning and also the only downside to these snails would be, DO NOT regularly overfeed any tank these snails may inhabit though, they will multiply very rapidly if you do! This is what ruins their reputation.
I’ll gladly combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you would like a 96 hour heat pack included (recommended if you want to provide very best conditions for snail survival), they are available for an additional $4.00 during checkout. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Fish Farm, Brooksville, Florida 34604.


  1. rpgpro1985

    I ordered these from Mr Mitchell earlier this week and what a deal! I ordered 10 of these snails and received a few extras! Great clean up crew! As soon as they hit the tank bottom after being acclimated, they went right to work. Cleaned all the crinum natans in less than 10mins flat! Without eating any leaves no less! A snail that eats anything but plants is a huge help for us planted tank owners! They all arrived healthy and ready to go to work! This is a great deal for anyone who owns planted tanks!

  2. bstorey0587 (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 MTS was delivered quickly with a couple extra MTS and a few baby MTS. Snails immediately got to work cleaning after acclimation.

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