Staeck Endlers at Livefins Aquatics USA

This strain was found in Kanal de Laguna de Los Platos. And brought to the German collector Dr. Wolfgang Staeck resident in Berlin back in 2004 which this strain was named after. And Dr. Fred Poser (Institute of zoology and taxonomy, Amsterdam) identified and classified this strain.  In general Staeck Endlers are as hardy as any other Endler, maybe more so! They’re an attractive fish when it comes to their bold outlined spotted pattern which has a high-tech almost mechanical look.  The group that I have came from a very good friend of mine in Germany who shares the same interest when it comes to wild endlers. 

Staeck Endler, Males
Staeck Endlers

Staeck Endlers at Livefins Aquatics USAEndler_Staeck_002

Staeck Endlers at Livefins Aquatics USA Endler_Staeck_003