Method 2 Heat Pack Usage Installation Instructions Details

1.) After installing the styrofoam liner into the mailer, place a Styrofoam ‘Heat Shield’ approximately ¼” in thickness x the exact width x the height of the interior of the box used, minus 1 inch.

2.) Here are the gaps where the heat emitted from the heat pack will enter the compartment where the fish etc. will be packed later.

3.) Here is the packed box, where you can also see the gaps for the heat to enter the fish compartment.

4.) Loosely, Fold the heat pack along the red line several times to activate the heat pack.

5.) Fold the heat pack loosely along the red-line in the center and then place it folded in half as shown into the compartment between the heat shield.

6.) Completed, ready to place the Styrofoam liner lid into box, directly on top of heat pack compartment and live plants, fish, snail, shrimp compartment.

7.) Ready to be dropped off.