SWORDTAIL Standard Fin Red Swordtails BREEDER SIZE ( 1 Pair + 3 Fry) with SHIPPING Included



These are a prolific line of Standard Fin Swordtails that I’ve continued to line breed and raise, here in Florida. The parent fish were originally purchased on Aquabid. These are the Original Sized Swordtails and can get quite large. The female these Swordtails originated with is a beautiful Super Hi-Fin. Some of the sibling fry these will produce may be hi-finned or lyretails, so they have genes for multiple fin length possibilities, please note the fish offered in this listing are all standard fin. The fry deepen in red color as they mature. These are NOT from an in bred watered down gene pool with dull colors and small bodies. They are tank raised and very healthy.

They are a very colorful, prolific and active line of Swordtail, a great beginners fish as well as a novelty for advanced aquarist. They will eat their fry, you may want to consider adding some NAJA grass for $10 additional. The size of these swordtails up for sale are at the size of the actual fish shown in the photos for sale below. They are 3/4 to 1 inch in length, the perfect size to adapt to your tank parameters easily. Visit my ‘Justme’ Page for more info. I’ll combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you live outside the continental US, you request an exact quote on shipping, Please contact me and specify your zip code and whether you’d like Priority or Overnight Delivery. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Fish Farm, Brooksville, Florida 34604.