SNAIL Red-Eye Mystery Snails with Assorted Shell Colors Quantity (6) with FREE SHIPPING


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This is a listing for 6+ Red-Eye Assorted shades of Pink, Magenta Colored Shells, Light Footed, Red Eyed Mystery Snails that I’ve bred and raised at my farm. They are nearly quarter size, the photo with my hand shows the size of adults compared with the size you’ll receive. These are an easy small freshwater invertabrate snail that looks a lot like the classic round snail shell shape. They are different from the standard Mystery Snails with dark feet because their body is a bright yellow color and the shell is quite a bit lighter with a pinkish coloration as compared with the standard variety and their eyes are non-pigmented albino. These are fascinating to watch, they’ll glide from the top of your tank as though they’re on a magic carpet to the bottom and then crawl about on the bottom looking like a freshwater version of an octopus! Be careful though, they have a tendancy to wander out of your tank at night especially as they mature. These have the brilliant body color of a Tylomelania rabbit snail but are much easier to keep and less expensive too.
They are scavengers and can be used to enhance filtration systems. They are tolerant to extremes in heat, cold, ph, high bacteria count, low O2 etc. They do a great job keeping the glass clean from algae growth. I feed them an algae wafer occasionally and they seem to appreciate that. They will find food on their own. If grown outdoors, provide them with some shade, I’ve notice they slow down if their water temperature is above 85 degrees. The photographs taken below are of some of my Mystery Snails growing in a 10 gallon aquarium. They grow and multiply fast in warm conditions and are very easy to care for and can adapt to any water conditions. They are easy to control population density as they lay their eggs above the water line and can easily be removed. They grow much faster when the temperature of the water is at least 70 degrees. I use them in almost all of my livebearer aquariums and sometimes are used as food for cichlids whenever I thin them out. They are a great beginners invertabrate as well as a basic necessity for advanced Freshwater Aquarist with large fish. I’ll send you some very nice healthy Snails the size of the smaller ones in my hand. Visit my ‘Justme’ Page for more info. Have a look at the wide variety of Livestock I have available, here on Aquabid as well as on my website I’ll be glad to combine any assortment of items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See availability ‘shortlist’ below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you live outside the continental US, please contact me for a quote. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Aquatics.


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