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You will receive a healthy patch that measures 4 inches by 4 inches of Dwarf SAGITTARIA Plants , Sagittaria subulata (as shown in the photo, they are the plants that look like grass.) These have been raised without CO2 without ever fertilizing and standard daylight. These are in my opinion the easiest aquatic plants to grow. They grow at a medium growth rate and are very easy to care for and can adapt to any water conditions. They will develop a healthy root system and will multiply by runners, but not invasive. I would recommend them for use them in almost all of type of aquariums. If you plant them in shallow substrate of about 3/4″ in depth they will stay shorter in height maintaining about 2 inches without pruning. When grown this way they are excellent foreground plants in an aquascape. They also provide great cover for any type of fry. There may be ‘hitch hikers’on these plants, I’ll do my best to remove them if you prefer. They are a great beginners collection of plants as well as a basic necessity for advanced aquarist. I’ll send some very nice healthy plants to you. Visit my ‘Justme’ Page for more info. I’ll combine any other items you may be interested in purchasing from my farm to minimize your shipping cost. See list below for other items available. I welcome any questions, If you would like a 72 hour heat pack included (recommended if you want to be certain the plants arrive in the very best condition), they are available for an additional $3.00. Thanks, Mitchell, LiveFins Fish Farm, Brooksville, Florida 34604.


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