1/2lb Captain Munch Professional Show Guppy and Endler Food




We feed the Endlers and Guppies here 2X daily at dawn and dusk. Livefins blends the ‘Captain Munch’ food here specifically for Endler and Guppy fish. It contains a high quality flake along with Dried Daphnia, Tubifex, Silk Worms, Black Fly Larvae, pearl larvae, high protein fish meal, astaxanthin, spirulina and a few other ingredients, no preservatives. I am in the process of adding the food to my site and will have to let you know once it’s on the site. They also receive spirulina wafers, live mosquito larvae, scuds and daphnia. Please note this is the smaller 1/2lb size container shown in our photo on the right side.


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