Dwarf Water Lettuce Growing Advice & Tips

Dwarf Water Lettuce Culture Advice, Tips
Dwarf Water Lettuce Grown in Full Bright lighting with Low Light Culture Advice, Tips

Please notice that the plants at the top half are more of a lime green. This is due to lower light growing conditions. Both are healthy. I use a layer of Black Cow composted manure under a 2 inch layer of sand as the substrate. Some tanks without fish do not have the sand layer capping, it is not mandatory, just keep the tint of the water to a more clear water color. Most important thing to remember is they do not like surface agitation or powerheads. Their roots collect sediment floating in the calm almost stagnant water, and have a charge that attracts nutrients, which makes them a fairly good addition to your filtration. The plants are tough and withstand a wide range of conditions, just be sure the water is calm, warm and the substrate provides some nutrients. They also grow really fast when the water is steadily above 78 degrees. Do not grow them in full outdoor sun, it is too strong for them. As your plants grow compare them with the photo to gauge if you’re providing them optimal light. Less light yields smaller, flattened brighter green plants. Low nutrient levels will cause longer root lengths as the plant seeks food. Hope this helps you have great success! Enjoy’em.