What do you feed Malaysian Trumpet Snails and Red Ramshorn Snails?

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The Red Ramshorn and Malaysian trumpet snails really like the spirulina wafers that I purchase from www.kensfish.com . The malaysian trumpets are a bit more carnivorous than the red ramshorn snails. They will eat cichlid pellets. They both tend to feed more during darkness. The Red Ramshorns will eat trimmings from aquatic plants or wilted lettuce as a treat. They both will do better with a little extra calcium which is dissolved in the water with the addition of some crushed coral as part of their substrate. Crushed coral goes by the names oolite and aragonite 0.030” grain size and is found in local pet stores for use in salt water aquariums mainly. I roughly mix ¾ silica free playsand with ¼ crushed coral.
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