Hi, I’m new to Aquabid so please excuse me if I ask a question you have already answered through your ad. What days do you ship on? How soon after purchase do you mail? And, is it as simple as clicking ‘buy me now’ to purchase or is it easier for you to send me an invoice to my paypal? Thank you for your time.

Hi, Thanks for the inquiry! Welcome to online livefish and plant purchasing. I try to make this as similar to purchasing anything else you have purchased online with a conventional shopping cart. You can either choose my buy now button located in my listing and be directed to Paypal and use your Paypal account or a credit or debit card to check out. The other method is to use the Aquabid checkout system which sends an email to me letting me know you’ve purchased and then wait for a Paypal request for payment. You can also purchase the same items off of my website www.livefins.com . The choice is yours, whenever you are ready to purchase let me know and I can send a package to you on any Saturday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Some livestock can survive longer than others in transit while living in a box. Some livestock needs to be conditioned a day (small fish) or two (larger fish) before shipping, some can be sent the same day (snails, plants). The main thing we (live fish sellers) try to avoid is extra days sitting in the post office over Sundays as this adds risk to the survival and well-being of whatever you purchase. I welcome any questions you may have that will make this purchase enjoyable and easy!
Trio of Tiger Endlers Packed in a Heat Sealed Kordon Breather BagKordon Breather Bag Satchels