Are the Colors of Your Champion Purple Peacock Guppy Fish Manipulated in Photoshop?

Thank you for your inquiry.  I agree there are many who think it is ok to manipulate the color of a fish. I do not. I take all photos in sunlight without a flash, I think this brings out the true color of a fish at its best. I do clean up the backgrounds from any distractions such as bubbles on the glass or blurred fish though to highlight and focus on the beauty of the particular fish in my listings. I raise my fish in a greenhouse within aquariums and that gives a boost to the chromatophores since the fish have been raised exposed to natural sunlight, I use no supplemental artificial light of any kind. They also receive live food in addition to a wide variety of flake and freeze dried foods every day of their lives while being raised along with green water, live plants, snails, scuds, daphnia and Cyclops. I believe the results are noticeable. These particular guppies also have a great lineage featuring deep coloration with outstanding finnage. So for these reasons I think they are better than average ifga moscows. Please feel free to call or email any additional questions or comments.